Metal Construction Is Building the Future

More specialists and apprentices for your company

We are putting a focus on the metal construction industry with the Metallbau[t] Zukunft (Metal Construction Is Building the Future) campaign. We actively address apprentices and specialists and network them with you – the companies and operations in the industry. After all, we are all aware of the big problem that we are facing: There is a lack of specialists, young talent and apprentices.

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Step-by-step instructions

Become a partner in this fee-based campaign and position your openings prominently in our application portal. Applicants can contact you easily. Partners listed here also profit from our other media activities. The process is quick and easy for you as well: Simply join up then add your contact data, pictures and openings – and you will then be listed in our application portal. As a partner you will also receive valuable information in order to be able to address potential applicants in a more targeted way – offline or online and naturally with your own customisable logo and name. What are you waiting for?

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1.    Register using this form. Here you can already set your future password and enter your company and contact data (name, address, etc.).



2.    You will receive an email in which you can confirm the email address that you entered. Please note that the link in the confirmation email is only valid for 48 hours. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the email.


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You will receive a welcome email with the most important information and the next steps to take. In particular, it will contain a link to use to enter your data for your contact card.

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Now enter all of your data for your contact card (logo, pictures, company description, openings to be filled). Congratulations! You will be displayed in our portal with your contact card and openings. Note: It may take a few days for your data to be added to the application portal.

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You will then receive another email. It will contain the contract to be signed as well as login access to further campaign material. You will then also be able to log in using your login details in order to edit your contact card again at any time (e.g. in the event of a change of address or typos).


If you have any questions about this process, please use our contact form.

Would you like to join the biggest campaign that there has ever been for the metal construction industry? Great. In order to make the process as understandable as possible, please refer to our step-by-step instructions above. To join our campaign, please fill out the following form:


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