Metal Construction Is Building the Future

Working together to address the shortage of skilled workers in the metal construction industry

With our METALLBAU[T] ZUKUNFT campaign, we are focusing on the metal construction industry. We are all aware of the huge problems we are facing: There is a lack of skilled workers, there is a lack of young talent, there is a lack of trainees.

The NRW Economics Minister Mona Neubaur visited Schüco a few weeks ago to talk about the shortage of skilled workers in metal construction, among other things. During the visit, WDR became aware of our media-effective campaign and reported on it in the Lokalzeit OWL. The campaign focuses on connecting potential applicants with companies in the immediate vicinity. The heart of the campaign, the job portal, enables us to make contact quickly and easily. This shows us one thing above all: our recruiting campaign works and is successful!

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