CNC machine operator

Also known as cutting machine operator

Also known as cutting machine operator

CNC machine operator

Are you interested in machine technology and is precision important to you? As a cutting machine operator you will ensure that all components such as screws, brackets, etc. have the right quality.

Your tasks – what you will do

You will create many different components: for façades, for railings, for doors, etc. Screws and brackets. You will use computer-controlled machines known as CNC machine tools for this. You will be able to automatically create even complex parts without any loss of precision.

Your salary – what you will earn

You will already be earning well even during your apprenticeship. Starting 2022 you will earn EUR 811 per month in the first year and already EUR 1,047 per month in the fourth year. After three and a half years of apprenticeship training you will then be able to renegotiate your pay with your company. You have good prospects!

Your future – what your opportunities are

As a cutting machine operator, you will be offered numerous courses of further training. You should therefore carefully consider which course of further training comes into consideration for you and what tasks you would like to take on after completing it. Whether professional qualified to train apprentices, technician, further business training or an on-the-job course of study, even if you do not have an German university entrance qualification – the choice is yours.

Your entry point – openings and more

With your secondary school leaving certificate you can start an apprenticeship to become a cutting machine operator. You will find apprenticeship openings here. Are you already a cutting machine operator or CNC machine operator? Perfect! You will find openings for specialists here – there is surely something near you.

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