Every façade is unique.

façade engineer

From design to completion: As a type of civil engineer, it is your task to plan everything correctly and to ensure constructive production.

Your tasks – what you will do

As a façade engineer, you are the person who plans and executes façade projects from design to completion. You can also properly apply your business knowledge and skills.

Your salary – what you will earn

You will negotiate your salary personally with your employer. It will also depend on how much professional experience you have. You can use the collectively negotiated pay groups for the metalworking trade for orientation: Salaries can range anywhere from EUR 2,174.69 to 4,757.13 (pay groups 1 to 11). Good prospects at any rate!

Your future – what your opportunities are

You will primarily work for metal construction companies, property development companies and municipal building authorities. You can open your own office to work independently as a consultant or expert.

Once you have worked and collected one year of professional experience, you will be able to complete an on-the-job master's programme, e.g. in Construction/Energy Management.

Your entry point – openings and more

Every façade is different, so there are also high demands placed on the design, logistics and project management. If you are interested in working as a civil engineer, you should consider a dual education programme in the field of Bauingenieurwesen – Fassadentechnik (Civil Engineering – Façade Engineering). During your studies you will obtain both theoretical as well as practical professional knowledge. You will graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.). You will find fitting openings in our application portal.

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