Specialisation: design engineering

Metal fabricator
design engineering

Design and impress. In your work you will follow technical drawings to process and work light metals or steel by hand or by machine. You will create windows, doors, façades, fire-resistant and even bullet-resistant elements. After completion, you will recognise the things that you have worked on practically as the results of your own work.

Your tasks – what you will do

In short, you will create, assemble and maintain steel and metal constructions. But more precisely, as a metal fabricator you will create things such as stairway railings for houses and buildings, door handles and fences, for example. The type and size of the objects can vary greatly. But one thing is certain: They are all things that you will be able to really see when you are done.

Your salary – what you will earn

Starting 1 January 2022, you will earn EUR 811 to 1,047 (depending on the year of your apprenticeship as well as on your company). As an already trained expert there is always a certain amount of room for negotiation: What is your professional experience so far and how good were your exam scores? This all affects the pay that you will receive after you have completed your apprenticeship.

Your future – what your opportunities are

Master Professional, Bachelor Professional, professional qualified to train apprentices – there is a wide variety of opportunities for further training. Would you like to organise production processes and do you see your future more in the area of administration? Then become a Master Professional. Would you like to work as the interface between the management and production? Then become a Bachelor Professional. As a professional qualified to train apprentices, on the other hand, you can provide training to new trainees within the company and even go into business on your own. Naturally there are also numerous courses of training to make you even more concretely prepared for your future in certain areas.

Your entry point – openings and more

With any school leaving certificate you will have the opportunity to start an apprenticeship to become a metal fabricator. The ability to work well with your hands surely won't hurt when introducing yourself. You should also have fun in your profession, after all. As a metal fabricator, there are three specialisations available to you. If this job description sounds good to you, a specialisation in design engineering is the right choice for you. You will find apprenticeship openings in our application portal. Have you already completed your apprenticeship? That's good too! In the application portal you can also filter the search to only openings for specialists.

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