Draw the future.

Technical system designer

Different perspectives, the right dimensions and detailed designs. System designers make sure that windows, etc. are created correctly.

Your tasks – what you will do

You will create drawings and technical documents for metal structures, usually on a computer with the aid of CAD systems. You will create drawings for things such as windows, façades or detailed designs of every individual part. In doing so, you present the various perspectives and pay attention to drawing standards and correct dimensioning.

Your salary – what you will earn

A good question, but a difficult one. It always depends on the company employing you, how you negotiate your contract and how much experience you can already show. You can refer to the collectively negotiated pay groups (1-11) for the metalworking trade to get a rough idea: This means that, starting from 1 January 2022, your pay could be between EUR 2,174.69 and 4,757.13. As you can see, you have a secure and good future ahead of you!

Your future – what your opportunities are

A technical profession is subject to continuous change. For you, this means a lot of variety and new challenges. You can train yourself further in various courses of training and seminars. Become a trainer or Bachelor Professional of Technical Management yourself.

Your entry point – openings and more

If you would like to start an apprenticeship as a technical system designer, most companies already require at least a secondary school leaving certificate. You must be proficient at drawing, work carefully and have a good spatial sense. You will find apprenticeship openings in our application portal – there you can contact the company of your choice with a click.

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