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An occupational field of great importance.

One of the oldest handicraft trades still has great relevance even today. Why? Because metal is involved in so many things in our everyday lives: in windows, in façades and even in the front door to your home. Even fire doors are made using metal construction. But metal is also used in bridges, lifts and vehicle bodies. It is used practically everywhere. Meanwhile not only in handicrafts but naturally also in industry. After all, one thing is for sure: There is always construction, renovation and repair going on.

This also means that there is always something to do. For you too! As a fully trained specialist, as a trainee or as a lateral entrant from a different background. You will find a wide variety of openings here.


A secure future

Your future? Secure.

Metal construction is one of the most secure industries in which to work. For you too.

As a metal fabricator you will work with tangible objects. A course of training in the metal construction industry offers you something very tangible: a secure future. After all, as a trained metal construction specialist you can practically choose your own job: Companies all over Germany are looking for trained specialists or trainees. Don't believe it? Then take a look at our application portal.


Your influence – tremendous

What is missing without you.

Did you know that the metal construction industry actually has a fairly significant influence on all of our lives? Metal construction is an industry on which we are all dependent together. At the moment there are 50,000 vacancies for specialists and trainees in the metal construction industry. What goes missing when that happens? Safety doors. Sliding doors. Entry doors. Solar protection. Windows. Imagine a large office building or a house without any windows. Or doors. The people who work or live in it would no longer feel safe. They will get wet. They will be too cold or too warm. Everyone who works in the metal construction industry will see their own personal contribution to the greater good in the end – a magnificent feeling of being part of such an important industry. Would you like to experience that feeling as well? Then find the right job opening or training position – right near you – in our application portal.



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Not all windows are created equal. The same goes for doors and façades. Every building project and customer has their own requirements and demands which have to be taken into account during planning, fabrication and installation. For you, this means that every day is different and your tasks will be incredibly varied. That makes it exciting. It is also exciting to look at the finished building at the end of a project and know that you contributed to it. Do you want to know what sorts of building projects you could work on? See for yourself!

Metal fabrication is not the dusty, old-fashioned industry it may seem. Many work processes have already been digitalised and automated. The sector has been preparing its employees for the challenges of Industry 4.0 for many years – for example with the “Digitalisation in metal fabrication” training course. In addition to state-of-the-art technology with CNC machines, robotics are also already used to take on specific production steps in some fabrication halls. In future, the entire value added chain will be digitalised – from the quotation stage right through to installation. Above all, communication and organisation will be networked and collaboration between different trades will be optimised. Experience the digital age of the metal fabrication industry yourself!

Nothing stays the same forever. This applies to metal fabrication too. The industry is undergoing a transformation just like the rest of the world. Thanks to digitalisation and modern machinery, metal fabrication is no longer associated with the heavy physical labour it once was. The use of physical strength is increasingly becoming the exception and this work is being gradually taken over by computer-controlled machinery. Automation technology also means that you and your workplace are no longer constantly dirty. How neat!

The focus is increasingly on the topic of sustainability in the metal fabrication industry too. This is because buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of global CO2 emissions. Sustainable building design with innovative and energy-efficient windows, doors and façades therefore represents a major area of leverage when it comes to achieving the climate targets. Sustainability and efficiency go hand-in-hand in metal fabrication – from the responsible value added chain through to the use of durable materials. Circular thinking is also very important. When implementing the Cradle to Cradle principle, there is a key focus on re-use in addition to the manufacture, usage phase, dismantling and processing of the building components. Valuable resources are not wasted, they must be used again. To make this possible, the materials used must be free from hazardous substances and must always be manufactured using renewable energies. Whether you're working on an energy-efficient renovation or an environmentally friendly newbuild, your role in the metal fabrication industry will have a huge impact on the path to greater sustainability and climate neutrality.

  • It is a future-proof industry
  • You will have social influence – have you ever seen a building without windows, doors or façades?
  • There are excellent career opportunities

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