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Jobs in the field of metal construction – so many opportunities.

  • Metal fabricator Specialisation: design engineering

    Design and impress. In your work you will follow technical drawings to process and work light metals or steel by hand or by machine. You will create windows, doors, façades, fire-resistant and even bullet-resistant elements. After completion, you will recognise the things that you have worked on practically as the results of your own work.

  • Installer

    As a Installer, you are versatile and loved by all. You install things such as window and façade elements. Sounds exciting!

  • Industrial administrator

    There are so many areas in which you will work. As an organisational talent, you always maintain an overview of administrative and control tasks as well as scheduling.

  • Technician

    Large and small metal constructions – such as façades, bridges, doors and windows – must be planned and designed. This will be your task as a technician with a specialisation in metal construction engineering.

  • Mechatronics engineer

    People work with machines in order to accomplish ever more complex work flows. Your task as a mechatronics engineer will be to make sure that the machines function flawlessly.

  • Construction/Project manager

    You will be the first point of contact when colleagues from the technical office, production or installation. You will be responsible for the project engineering of metal construction objects with regard to costs, technology and quality.

  • warehouse operator

    Proper warehousing can make the big difference in a company. You make sure that everyone always finds everything. Sounds easy, but it is an important profession in the metal construction industry.

  • Technical system designer

    Different perspectives, the right dimensions and detailed designs. System designers make sure that windows, etc. are created correctly.

  • façade engineer

    From design to completion: As a type of civil engineer, it is your task to plan everything correctly and to ensure constructive production.



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Both will help you on your way! You will benefit from very good prospects and will have the chance to earn good money. So it doesn't matter whether you choose to study or join an apprenticeship programme, there are many jobs on offer in all areas and at all levels, from skilled workers right up to management positions.

Are you ready to work right now, love doing practical tasks and want to get involved in real projects straightaway? Then an apprenticeship is for you – for example in logistics, production, installation or as a project manager or technical system planner/draughtsperson. You can also study later on in your career, as part of a dual study programme for instance. This will allow you to combine your theoretical knowledge from lectures with practical work at a company. Perfect for future project managers, civil engineers and production managers.

If you have passed the journey-level examination, you can become a master craftsperson. But why exactly? Building on your previous professional knowledge, you will enhance your skills as a budding master metal fabricator and take a big step forward in your career. You will learn new, practical skills on machinery tools and different welding methods. You will deepen your knowledge of metal fabrication technology, quality management, operational management and operational organisation, and you will gain expertise in order processing and communicating with customers and suppliers. In addition to enhancing your areas of responsibility, the master craftsperson qualification will enable you to undertake a further course of study, to become an apprentice or to become self-employed. You'll see – mastering new challenges is made easy in metal fabrication!


Demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm. If you want to work in production or installation, you also need craftsmanship skills and a good level of technical understanding. Career changers will receive support from the very start and will be brought up to speed for a job in the metal fabrication industry through an intensive induction at the company and through training courses offered by major suppliers in the industry, such as Schüco for example [Link – to where?]. How do you get into metal fabrication? Don't be shy! Just apply or contact the company to find out more.

Do you want to manage small teams, whole departments or company divisions? Or even your own company? Anything is possible in metal fabrication! After your training, there are many career paths open to you, with a wide range of courses, further education and study programmes to provide you with additional qualifications.

Whether as a technical business administrator or master metal fabricator, or on a course of study e.g. in civil engineering, you can take on tasks with greater responsibilities, gain specific expertise and prepare yourself for the future. Find out more about your career opportunities here.

The wide range of jobs means that it is impossible to give a specific answer. The location and the size of the company also play a role. However, in general, jobs in the metal fabrication industry are well paid.

The pay for an apprentice in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, is €815 in the first year of training and €1005 in the last year. That is more than you would get in most painting and decorating apprenticeships. In addition to the salary, many companies also offer attractive additional payments, such as capital-forming benefits. Over the years of your employment, not only does your experience increase but also your earnings.

Further education or a course of study are worthwhile both professionally and in terms of your salary. Another benefit that saves money is that if you decide to build your own home, you will be able to do a lot of it yourself thanks to your knowledge and skills.