Diversity or specialisation? The choice is yours.

Industrial administrator

There are so many areas in which you will work. As an organisational talent, you always maintain an overview of administrative and control tasks as well as scheduling.

Your tasks – what you will do

You take care that all deadlines are met, that your colleagues are correctly arranged, that the quality is correct, that invoices and due receivables are correct and much more. You will be able to work in any business area.

Your salary – what you will earn

Starting 2022, in your first year of training you will earn EUR 811 per month and then in your third year EUR 1,047 per month. After that your pay will be renegotiated. Naturally your performance at the company will be decisive for this. As a fully trained specialist you can earn between EUR 2,170 and 4,760 per month. Sounds good, right?

Your future – what your opportunities are

You can take advantage of various opportunities for further training in order to climb higher on the career ladder Bachelor Professional (approximately six months), businessman/businesswoman (approximately ten weeks to six months) or Master Professional (approximately two years). You will normally have to select an area of focus, e.g. Finance and Accounting, Marketing or Human Resources Management.

Your entry point – openings and more

For aspiring industrial business management assistants who would like to begin an apprenticeship, a German vocational diploma is the recommended school leaving certificate. The apprenticeship will take three years and normally takes place on weekdays. During your apprenticeship you will become acquainted with various business sectors – so that you will be prepared for your exciting everyday tasks such of data administration, verification of figures, process controlling, etc. Your tasks will become more challenging and your knowledge will broaden further with each year of training. You will find available apprenticeships in our application portal. What's more: If you have already completed an apprenticeship, you will also find job openings there.

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