Specialisation: metal construction engineering

metal construction engineering

Large and small metal constructions – such as façades, bridges, doors and windows – must be planned and designed. This will be your task as a technician with a specialisation in metal construction engineering

Your tasks – what you will do

You will create drawings of the constructions of various scales and from various perspectives and ensure that the production and installation are carried out on schedule. You will also instruct your colleagues, monitor the assembly process and control the quality of the products.

Your salary – what you will earn

This varies greatly and primarily depends on what experience you have already been able to collect and how many years you have already worked. But more than anything, the salary is a matter to be individually negotiated.

Your future – what your opportunities are

Is it on your agenda to become a Master Professional or Bachelor Professional? These doors will be open to you after your further training to become a technician with a specialisation in metal construction engineering.

Your entry point – openings and more

You have already completed your apprenticeship as a metalworker and want to develop yourself further? Further training to become a technician may be just the right thing for you. It takes two to four years and then you can instruct your colleagues and assume more responsibility within the company. You will find openings in our application portal.

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